Saturday 22 February 2020

And, finally. Stormy skies.

Of course it got worse.

It's a downwards spiral, right?

Cue the final curtain call. A manic manic day.

A family intervention.

It's all out in the open now.
They don't trust me to trust myself.
I can't blame them at all.
I don't trust myself either.
Ironically I've only drank 4 days this month battling through sober days quietly alone. Easier than fessing up, how hard its been.

It didn't really work.

Day 8 TODAY.

Dr's again on Monday, addiction specialist on Tuesday.

Kind messages float in via social media, telling me to hold on and battle the stormy clouds.


I'm so grateful for the love around me, even though everyone is, confused and doesn't really know who I am or how to trust me again.

Baby steps.


  1. Honey, you've got this. Dig deep. It'll be hard work at first but worth it. Alcohol is shit. We're all better off sober. Hugs x

  2. Keep reaching out for help... your doctor, the group, online - doing it alone is so much more challenging. Thinking of you xx SoberP82 xx

  3. Thinking of you A LOT and cheering you on your way. Tried to text you but think you must have changed your phone... if you'd like to be in touch then my email address is still so give me a shout if you like.

    Very much love and keep fighting the good fight! Prim xxx