Sunday, 19 April 2015

Happy hour

So were away in the snowy/sunny alps. It's refreshing and rejuvenating. Talking about 'après ski' with hubby in the ski lift cabin, he says 'I might have a beer' then he stops and hold my hand and says 'but you don't drink so that's not fair is it?!' It made me smile. He hardly drinks but he's being kind too. 

So we are here with lime and soda and he's got some orange and even though its happy hour our drinks are full price. Only alcoholic drinks are half price.

Small price to pay I think.

Wolfie is loud and there's booze.....Everywhere, to be expected at a French Ski resort but lime and soda it is. 

I'm surprised how hard not drinking is, but 200 calls soon. And I'd really like to snag it.

My husband says that since stopping drinking I talk more. Good or Bad?! I'm not sure but small steps!

Happy Sunday from France.


  1. Good going, Daisy. Looks like a lovely place to recuperate with your husband. Talking more is good in my books! xo

  2. Dear Daisy,
    Talking is nice! I love having good conversations with my hubby!
    That is a lovely place!

  3. So glad you are rejuvenating, & this time simpler with no drinker in your chalet? Is the food good? Take care XXXX

  4. Superb mon amie :) xx

  5. I'm glad you're having a break away. It's good that you and your hubby talk. So many couples lose that after a long time together. I hate that Happy Hour doesn't include AF drinks! Almost 200 days! You are doing so well. A x

  6. setting your sights on 200 is awesome. as indeed are you, chatterbox ;) Prim xxx