Monday, 4 May 2015

Best foot forward

So the hugest of thank you's for the helpful comments on my drinking last week. Oddly enough, I've not beaten myself up over it, I've not been anything but a bit sad and glad all at the same time. Its been a bit of a revelation. Like the brick to the head I think I was needing.  Because you know why be really kind to yourself when you can use a brick to the head. 

Sober is better, end of. I'd lost my sober treats too along the sober path so I'm on those again, not hard at this time of year, the garden is waking up and there's always something cheerful to find to treat myself too.

I also started back to work yesterday. I'm not sure I would have been back so soon if I hadn't had your support, been sober and taken time to just work through the emotions of the past month. But, I'm back. Yesterday in the persisting rain (8 hours of rain, all day) I spent the day slowly getting back in the swing of things. Thankfully it was a quiet day in the garden. But, it was productive and my nerves at returning abaited throughout the day. 

Here I am sober and ready for life again. I'm not sure that would have been the case if I was still drinking. Even driving there would be been a challenge with our new drink driving laws. So all this is positive.

As for days sober I guess I'm on (212 - 1) or 5 depending on the thought process, I guess 5 is a good humble solid number. Its a journey after all. You've got to start somewhere, I've not let the lack of momentum slow me down, it was merely a blip. A lesson learnt. And, a good one at that. Maybe it needed to happen, who knows. But, the learning from it has been huge. For that I'm very grateful.

And these dear reader are for you. Some anemones** from the garden. A whole bunch delivered straight to your heart from me.  With the hugest of thank you's for your advice and love and support. I promise, without overwhelm to get to each and every comment very soon. I've so appreciated the support you've each shown. Thank you.
** well when it warms up they will be ready, for now they're just leaves and promise, slowly unfurling. Just like me, they'll be ready to bloom one day soon with your patient eye upon us.

Best get a wriggle on, I'm not even dressed yet and work calls.

Have a fantastic day folks! Best foot forward and all that.


  1. Big hug lovely friend :) xx

  2. You got to 200 before, you can do it again! You slipped up, but not back into old habbits. Go you!

    ~ Alice

  3. Lovely Daisy, I'm sending hugs from the US :) In my experience the slips and missteps I had were proof that I couldn't moderate my drinking, that I couldn't have "just one" Lots of sober treats in the days ahead! Lori K

  4. Sober time is never wasted, whether or not you choose five or 212-1. So good to read you back on track with energy and confidence restored.

  5. Great to hear you sounding so well, Daisy. Big hug to you!

  6. Sending you love. Annie x

  7. Your flowers are beautiful!
    I am glad you are doing well!
    Sober is better!