Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Not (sober) rocket science

Hey there, thank you for all the wonderful comments yesterday, as I came home from work, made the tea, did the driving instruction, emptied the salvaged wood from my car and stacked it, confronted the neighbour about parking at our gate (man that made me squirm), had a mini-row with my husband (about the gate parking and how I don't stand up for myself), dug the garden in a temper (again gate related fury), finished an application form and then ate tea.

Anyway after that madness, your comments were so weclomed. Thank you, like a gazillion.

I've also seriously upped the sober stuff. I really think I need to, the whiny voice in my head is at 'this is hard again', so there's care needed there. Lots of self care, lots of treats.

So I've gone to daily treats again. Not rocket science but it works.
Maybe a bit too much on the sober treat front?
I also bought nice alcohol free beer for later on.

We bought ice-cream when we were out too.

I planned my breakfast and my lunch.

I didn't get to my sober bath but almost.

I reached out to you all, thank you.

I think, if I'm honest the crazy madness in getting a house ready for survey and sale, has pushed buttons with me more than I'd imagined.

Having booze in the house, for the visitors and the kids, has pushed buttons with me. I thought I'd be OK with it and on one level I am. On another, I'm just not. Its not good for me.

The singing-booze-from-the-cupboards thing is still an issue. OK so I've not drunk any of it (go me) but its pushed the wolfie audio up in my head.

I have to keep working hard at sober, some of it is easier, some of it is not so much.

So whilst none of this is rocket science, maybe its sober science.

I'm planning today's treat as I write. Because this stuff is hard sometimes but its better. I also know that whilst I don't like it, I have to start to put up some sober boundaries and maybe be more honest with those around me about the changes I have to make to sustain this.


  1. Hang in there, Daisy! Thinking of you and sending hugs... I could totally eat all of that cake right now ;) Lori K xx

  2. Sober boundaries are important. Just because u you can force yourself to endure having booze in the house doesn't mean you should. Why make yourself suffer?
    If you were on a diet would you buy chocolate and carry it around?

    If it's available eventually someone will eat or drink it. That's how things work.

    I have just decided our house is booze free. Period. I need my safe place.

    Take care.

  3. Dear Daisy,
    We don't keep any alcohol in the house.
    It was too hard for me to see or "hear" everyday.
    Treats are nice!
    I need one myself!

  4. Hey lady! I'm with Anne on the booze free house but that's easier for me to say I know :) As for boundaries, feeling your pain as am growing some around this area of sober stuff too and it bloody hurts. Big hugs xx