Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sober Sundays

I've always found it remarkable when managing to be sober how utterly fabulous Sundays are. I don't know especially why they are any different to any other sober day. But, even with the history of daily drinking, sober Sundays seem the best day to me. They have their own vibe.

Maybe its that its another week cracked, or just surviving the ritual of drinking on Saturdays which seem to be more acceptable (than drinking everyday, I mean everyone drinks at the weekend don't they its just NORMAL). So when a lot of the world has a hangover, perhaps their only one of the week, if they only drink on a Saturday, then maybe that's it. Feeling different in a good way.

I'm haivering, that's normal for me. Thank you all for the good wishes and the thoughts for my cousin. And, the virtual sweet peas. Its meant a lot. I've been in a wrapped up fog for the last few weeks, or that's how it feels. I've not fought it either, I've done little. But I'm sober and that's all that really matters to me at the moment.

I read another great blog from Prim today full of thought provoking [ LINK HERE ]- and the last bit of it resonated so much with me too.

Wherever we are on our journey.......very very brilliant advice from the lady herself.

don’t drink. reach out. be very, very kind to yourself.


  1. Hi Daisy,
    Prim's post was great.
    I am so glad you are ok, and sober.
    Hugs and Love,

    1. Thank you Wendy, I took some time after my cousin to just let myself just be. I think I needed that. x

  2. Words to live by - indeed to tattoo somewhere prominent me thinks ;) xx

    1. If only I could do that. Prims got a point eh... I'm glad you're home lovely sounds like the trip was great. xx

  3. So true. Even though not drinking much, not enough to stop me getting to my yoga class at 10.30 am (saviour!) it is an amazing change to have a toxin free system. What on earth were we thinking? What is the world thinking? Is it really worth the 'fun"?
    Lovely to read your thoughts as always. Very sad about your cousin, doesn't it hit so hard and in such a different way when family or close friends? not to mention when such parallels and shared history.
    Lots of love to you from across the oceans XXX

    1. Thank you lovely, the hardest part is just stopping even for one day and somehow the reality of sensible kicks in. I'm finding it hard to keep my focus at the moment so I had shut down a bit, feeling a bit prelapsy but I've upped my sober supports. Thanks for the words and love over the oceans to you too, my son is there at the moment I know you're all keeping him safe.