Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Sober treats and swimming in shark infested custard

I do remember writing about shark infested custard before. Sometimes I think that's what early sober feels like. I'm really selling it to you, yes? I feel bludgeoned by society to drink, its like dodging through the shallows looking for where the next attack might be. Media, music, activities, events, birthdays, christenings, holidays, visitors, catching up, home warming presents. Even going in for a pint of milk offers several hundred bottles of booze dangling there in front of you at 10 am.

Its truly mind boggling how you learn to avoid things, dodge and duck, sometimes I've discovered its easier to hide home and go online shopping, selecting carefully and saying thank you to the man that pops by and delivers it all. A solid alcohol free experience. I heartily recommend it when you first dip into sober land. Much easier not to buy booze if you're not faced with it at times that are around the witching hour. For me, I just don't go near a shop or a supermarket in the evening, its not worth the risk for me this early into sober. So shopping in my pyjama's it is then. Safer by far.

And, as for the 50th birthday week away I've just been invited to that has me all panicking and its in October, I can only hyperventilate when I think about that. We've decided only to go for a weekend, I'm going with the careful hand hold of my husband, now declared teetotaler and at beyond 6 ft and hairy, no one messes when he says he'll have an apple juice please.  I shall hide behind his girth and guard my own loins. We shall arrive late, leave early and whilst be there for my bestbest friend, gird our loins with everything we can think of.

So we're slowly sneaking through sober, quieter than before, I'm spending a lot of time in bed and a lot of time alone, recharging in between the summer visitors, who've mainly respected the sober household. Somehow influenced by my new found love of grocery shopping online, I did take the initiative and finally go and order some books I've been looking for. They didn't have them in my local book shop. Sober treats you say, easier online if you make the effort. A bit of mainlining Dr Brown for me for a while I think. Well, I've never been very good at doing anything by halves. I've always wanted to read these so now I can.

I find it hard to get on my computer every day, so whilst I manage social media for work from my phone, I thought maybe that was a way to try and reach out when I can't blog. More sober tools and if its easier for me, then its a no brainer. So I started a sober face book page. If it doesn't work I can always delete it.

Now for some catching up on my reading. Slowly slowly.


  1. They are the best set of books for understanding shame that I have every read but go gently lovely lady {{}} xx

  2. aargh bloody computer just lost long comment.... anyway good to hear that your Mr is on board and that you are hanging in there. sending much love and glad you liked my blog post too! Prim xxx

  3. Hi Daisy!
    Those are great books!
    I am so glad you have a sober partner!
    I know I am so thankful my hubs stopped drinking to support me.
    It does help!

  4. I agree my partner helped me stop too!

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