Sunday, 19 July 2015


Been a big weekend in my house. First 'staff' party I've attended at my new sober job and I did it sober. Took out my sober tool Box. All the big guns.

Ate before I went.
Brought a shed load of sober alcohol free beers. 
Arrived late, left early.
Sorted an outfit and looked fab.
Took Care of me.
Told my husband, they don't know I don't drink. He said no sweat, we don't drink, right? And anyway he winked, you're driving remember!?
Sober get out clause.

So that went ok. In fact it went great. No regrets. Happy nice fun BBQ and garden party. No regrets. And as for sober excuses, no one asked - anyway.  No one noticed I didn't drink. No one cared.

And it's my daughters birthday tomorrow. But no real life celebrations here, she is abroad with her father. We arranged to Skype at 11pm
Uk time, 10am NZ time. 

No resentment from me, in fact she called early. All good here. Yes I miss her: lots.

Being a single parent means Xmas, birthday, lots of things are at best shared. In reality mostly I spend them alone, birthday in summer holiday they make for trips to dads. Its just how it is. Honestly it stings a bit, I miss them, but its ok.

Much easier sober. 

Was just loverly to hear her voice, sober. Hearing about her birthday so far away. Sharing photos, so far away.

Single parenting has highs and lows. I use to drink to even that out/

Sometimes drinking just makes a shitty situation shittier. 

Sober means you enjoy the really good bits, the snatches and giggles, so much more.

Happy birthday gorgeous girl. I've been sober almost a whole year given or take a day or so soon.

Small sober steps from your sober mum.

As for the job, always been sober there. Nice to keep it that way. Much simplier.


  1. Dear Daisy,
    I am sorry you can't be with your daughter on her birthday.
    You are 100 percent right, drinking makes a shitty problem shittier.

  2. Wonderful post. I also like that line, "drinking makes a shitty problem shittier." So true!

  3. Almost one whole year - rock on sober lady :) xx