Friday, 17 July 2015


My son passed his driving test this week. Great excitement here all round. I just realised that I've always been available for this, always been sober to help him drive our car for practice whenever he's asked. No resentment at the time it might take, I'm just here. I'm present and right now this moment that hit me like a tonne of bricks. 

Always here, always present. I'm chuffed about that. Like ALWAYS.

Unfortunately my daughter had a different experience, I was resentful and grumpy when I had to drive and not drink as early as I would have liked, but no more. That was in the past.

We've also been giving the new driver,  the 'Driving Lessons is just the start of your driving' speeches, he's agreed to move from L Plates to P Plates (which in the UK is a new driver).

So much chat of now you've got to work at this. 
You've got to take care.
You've got to really start driving now.
Others might try and sway you, but keep to your driving principles.
Be safe, don't put yourself or others in danger.
Make sure you're not tired/hungry etc when driving.
Take reasonable breaks, look after yourself.
This is just the start of your exciting journey.

Sounds an awful lot like getting sober to me. Whilst I've still got my L Plates on, I'm hoping soon, perhaps I can progress to my P Plates maybe?

Funny how you wake up one morning and realise you're actually doing something positive about those demons, like drinking and its making a difference.

Happy Sober Day folks. Never to early to start on that journey. Or to look back a bit and tell yourself, wow, you're doing great.

Small sober steps.


  1. I like this. a lot. how you are seeing tangible changes in yourself and in how you can be for those you love.

    so no three point turns now - follow the road ahead ;) much love! xxx

  2. You already have your P plate missus :) xx

  3. Dear Daisy,
    So true!
    Waking up and thinking, hey, this IS better not drinking!

  4. Congrats to the new driver! Love the driving/sober comparisons! xx