Saturday, 31 January 2015

My sober week

Wolfie followed me to the alps. Not a great start to a sober holiday!
But I drowned him with good food and plenty of fresh air and exercise. Lots of hot baths!
A bad attempt at a mirror drawing of a happy sober girl.
I found the saddest snowman in the alps.
And found companionship both rewarding and challenging this week. My husband asked me if I'd thought of being teetotal on a chairlift high above the snowy ground. I'm not sure I said, maybe. He said whilst he'd had a few pints of cider, he'd preferred my limon-soda. 
So he's considering just stopping completely. 'We're at that kind of age' he tells me, when looking after ourselves is a good idea. Cheeky sod! That kind of age, although I guess I kind of agreed.
So we had a coke to seal the deal. Sober holiday eh? Who knew that was possible?
The wolf kept howling. I must admit in some ways it's been a bit of a struggle but sober treat and podcasts have helped. Like belle says drinking is like that old ex who you know doesn't treat you right and yet you keep going back. Despite knowing the paranoia and despair drinking will cause you. Ok so I'm still romantically attached to the idea of a glass of wine. But lets face it for me it would never be just a glass, more like at least a bottle, maybe two.....
And my skiing is bad enough without that hangover, paranoia and angst which drinking also brings me. Never mind how it effects my choice of natty hats. Nope totally sober when I bought the giant hat with the massive long Pom Pom!
I've enjoyed the time with my son, sober. Ok so I've missed being his 'vin chaude' buddy, a kindo of odd right of passage we both went through on holidays before when he came of age to drink. But, what I've noticed is there's more soft drinks for those of us not entrapped with the wolf. As for my friend, she's still drinking but her passion for skiing is reignighted, so maybe she will start to reduce her own intake over the next year to get herself a bit fitter. Who knows. Going on holiday with someone drinking a lot on holiday hasn't been easy, but its also been an eye opener. Was that me? Was i that selfish. Almost certainly.
Suns out, our flight is this evening, so just time for one last run up the hill, in the sober sunshine. With a clear head. Enjoy your weekend, hope your sober week has been good too, without too many challenges.

Bonne chance mes amies. 


  1. So happy for you! A holiday you'll be able to remember ;) Lovely photos as always. Lori K xx

  2. Gorgeous vacation Daisy, so happy for you!

  3. I think your husband is a smart fellow. What a great gesture of love and understanding.

    It is interesting to be around drinkers. I wonder how anyone put up with me....

    Great week. I especially love the snowman pic.


  4. Ah Daisy - you've got yourself a keeper there! ;) It looks fabulous and makes me want to go ski-ing even though I don't enjoy it when I'm there. See I'm still romantically attached to the the idea of ski-ing like you are the glass of wine :) xx

  5. Love hearing about your SOBER vacation!

  6. Daisy - you ROCK!! And you take the best pictures EVAH. Thanks for this, and glad you got home sober. Happy Monday :).



  7. It is such an eye opener seeing someone else drinking and wondering if that was me too? (it probably was most of us!) And noting how much they drink and how their interaction changes.
    You are strong strong strong and have done miraculously on that holiday. And good on your husband- my OH not drinking (unless the stars align properly) is a major helping factor for me- there is never a discussion about will we/he/won't he/we or anything else about it in our house. it's become a non-entity and I don't know how I'd survive if he did drink the way I used to.
    Lucky us. x