Thursday, 29 January 2015

Struggling a bit

Must admit tonight having been skiing all day again I could murder a vin chaude. But I opted for a long pint of limon-soda, I get myself a bar of chocolate and I'm off for a bath with a podcast. I bought an Internet subby tonight as my other sober treat because I know I'm struggling and there's an open bottle of wine here in the apartment. My friends drinking, no booze rule in our apartment she had broken during the first day, a 'fait accompli' yeah it pissed me off a bit but its her holiday too. So I'm off for a Bath, I'll listen to belle and tell myself wine doesn't make it any better. I don't really feel like I'm missing out, it's more of a hankering for an old (shitty) friend.

Still a Sober girl.


Here's a snowman for you.
Doesn't look that happy does he?

Thanks for letting me check in.

Hugs x


  1. Hi Daisy. Congrats for sticking with this sober gig despite the many challenges you're having to cope with. You're doing great, and that longing for the shitty friend (booze) will pass. And I love that snowman! Big hug to you! xo

  2. Stay strong, Daisy! You've worked so hard, and you'll enjoy your holiday so much more! Keep us posted! Lori K xx

  3. Post holiday for me, I HAVE NO REGRETS. Hang in there, you CAN DO IT!!

  4. Keep talking/writing/listening to sober friends and you'll be fine. You're changing your life -- that is the bigger picture!

  5. Big sober hug lovely friend. Stay strong it's almost over!! xx

  6. You won't regret NOT drinking, but you are very likely to regret drinking....... You can have an amazing sober holiday! enjoy!
    hugs, Do

  7. An old shitt friend indeed. Tell that friend to bugger off, or take a long run off a short slope. Hang in there! You'll be fine.