Sunday, 23 November 2014

50 things that are better when you don't drink

So I thought none of these were true, turns out when you stop drinking for a while, most of them come true. When you stop drinking -

1 - You have a magical free hand. Yes your magnetic wine-glass-hand-attachment disorder which usually starts at 5pm most evenings, heals itself. You can carry on and use two hands all evening.
2 - Your pee doesn't smell of wine/beer/booze. You know it did.
3 - You develop life skills that you had forgotten, such as eating breakfast. In the morning. This was a shock to me. I thought it was only a legend I'd read in books.
4 - You can drive anytime day or night. Getting midnight icecream is now much much easier, safer and legal.
5- You spend less on painkillers. More money to spend on flowers, candles and chocolate.
6- You don't hate yourself quite as much as you thought. Yes really, its true.
7- Your recycling bin never seems to fill up as quick. And those late night recycling trips, walking the dog, hiding the bottles, they're no more. (expect the dog to sulk)
8 - That voice in your head is nicer to you. And, quieter. Its KIND. Really kind.
9- Opening your phone/email/fb account doesn't fill you with dread every morning. Although your boss might miss the 'I love you/I hate you' mixed messages you normally send.
10- You go to bed instead of slumping on the sofa. Every night. I know, crazy eh?
11- You don't say so many things in anger, or because your 'sensitive button' is switched to 'who gives a shit, get me more wine'. You're kinder.
12-Your legs work at bed time. Who knew that was even an option. I always thought my legs stopped working about 6 glasses in.
13- Your wallet isn't so empty. And, if it is, its because of sober treats. That's really cool.
14- You follow through more. Its confidence building.
15- You can rely on yourself. Really rely on yourself.
16-You realise you're not alone. There's a whole sober world, with facts, help and love out there.
17- You find out that Wolfie, that wine guzzling voice in your head isn't just heard by you. And let me tell you that voice is a real tosser.
18- You take time to look after yourself. When did you last do that?
19- You find your patience. Under the sofa, behind the sock, telephone, covered in fluff, there it is.
20-You listen better. Without a mega phone pointed at you.
21- That paranoia, that's plagued you for years, slowly dissipates. Its a nice feeling.
22- You find sober friends and know you're not alone. Like really NOT ALONE. And who your real friends are.
23- You realise that your bathroom is really a secret haven. Like your bedroom, its there to give you calm space, time to think and relax. It helps you to switch off.
24- You sweat less, like really. Enough said about that one.
25- You discover CHOCOLATE. It loves you too.
26- You LIE less. Even just to yourself.
27- You don't spend your morning apologising to friends for your drunken calls/texts/behaviour.
28- You discover SLEEP. Its like the best thing ever.
29- Your confidence increases. Slowly but it comes.
30- You discover hangovers aren't normal. Who knew that?
31 -Your more thoughtful to yourself and others around you. Instead of thinking about drinking, all the bloody time.
32- You discover you have boundaries, instead of pushing everyone elses you also respect them too.
33- You learn you just aren't a superhuman, you can't do everything and that's OK. PS other people aren't super human either. Who knew?
34- You don't die if you don't drink even just for today. The alternative isn't worth thinking about.
35- You smile, and mean it. Not just at cute pictures of cats on facebook, but in real life too.
36- You appreciate other people more. Not just when they turn up with two bottles instead of one.
37- You don't have so many last minute dashes to the shops for wine emergencies. (See no 13)
38- You see a whole movie. Who knew these things weren't serials, which we never ever see the end of.
39- Your ability to bullshit decreases. And, your ability to listen to it when someone's been drinking also decreases See no 40.
40- You talk less shite. Or at least its more articulate shite now you're sober.
41- You enjoy food rather than using it to settle your stomach. Food is good not just a hangover cure.
42- You learn what pride is. Not just for a group of lions.
43-You know you can reach out and people will hear you. And support you.
44- You understand that the cycle alcohol misuse isn't easy to break. But, it can be done. With help and sober tools.
45- You learn about true real friendship and support. Its a beautiful thing.
46- You discover you can read at night time without the words going all squirly. Its true.
47- You no longer have to go to various 'shops' to buy wine so no one suspects you've got an issue.
48- You don't wake up at 4am paranoid and sweating, needing a drink and painkillers. I never knew sleep went on til day light.
49- You learn about the sober world, sober tools and its epic. Who knew it was there? Hello Sober World. Hello sober love.
50- You find out there are a billion things better than drinking. A cool list to a gazillion of them here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a whole list of things to do rather than drink. Like stamp on grapes in the bath, wear a tiara, knit with spaghetti. Scratch your arse, Anything is better than drinking.

All better than when you're drinking.

Thank you all for your support on my 50 days.

New eyes, new ears, still cautious and scared, but happy to be sober.

Night night sober world.


  1. I got to day 40 earlier this year, then my mum got diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer and we lost her on Friday. Eight weeks after diagnosis. I turned to my old friend again to numb the pain but I remember how wonderful I felt after 40 days sober and would love to be back there. Because it doesn't really help. I still feel utterly grief stricken but now feel ill too. I love your blog and have been reading it for a while. I will be back on day 1 again soon

    1. Hey hugest of gentle hugs for you. Cancer is a dreadful thing. Take care of yourself. Feeling ill is dreadful, I hope you feel better soon, and get the help you need. People do care x

      Thank you for the compliment it took me a long time reading blogs and dipping my toe in before I could think about stopping drinking.

      Here's wishing you a lovely day one when it arrives, always lovely to see you pop by x

  2. Fantastic Daisy! Woop woop!! :) xx

    1. they made me laugh, who knew that sober laughing was so good. x

  3. Numbers 48 and 49 are my favorite so far :)