Monday, 17 November 2014

Day 44 - Sober treats

A nice fire, my favourite.
So Monday again eh? How was your day? I tidied up the kitchen, no ones here aside dogs and chooks, so I did that for me. I worked for a few hours, visited a friend with two new wee kids and had a good old natter. I've not known her for years but we just work. Enough for her not to tidy. Which was nice.  I left in enough time to have a walk in the last of the daylight, I collected wood on the beach. I like collecting wood, its one of my favourite things.

My husband f/booked me from LA, his breakfast time, my t-time. He's good. We're good.

I chopped wood, for half an hour when I got home. I like chopping wood, its productive and soothing. 

My son skyped over t-time to improvise a chicken recipe. He does this a lot I've noticed, we chat whilst he's doing his dish, I emptied my dishwasher, he cooked his chicken. I got booted off when he was ready to eat. I like it. I like to be 'virtually' cooking with him hundreds of miles away. It feels special.

Simple things like this, even in my current confused bubble, make me happy. Like really happy.

Earlier today I got an email from Belle starting me off on her sober challenge.  That made me happy. I've made a pledge to myself to be sober for the next wee while. That made me happy too. 

My homework for today is to think about some 'sober treats' every couple of days for the next wee while.

Here's the thing. I'm not great at treating myself, so that's going to take a bit of thought eh?

I like flowers but I normally grow them myself, when I can. Bought flowers are so decadent.

I love food. A bit too much maybe.......fresh bread, proper butter. Food of the gods.

I love chopping wood and setting fire to things, I'm a quite secret pyromaniac. I love my wood stove I often sit and listen to it when I'm drinking wine, glass firmly in hand. These days I'm not drinking the wine though. But, I'm still burning stuff and enjoying chopping wood. I'm a strange creature.

Oh its all so confusing this sober treats stuff.

If you're reading this what kind of sober treats did you enjoy?

I'm ending my evening watching a bit of telly (Kate Bush Documentary) sitting by the fire. No glass in hand.  No sleeping on the sofa. No units today. Not a bad day. Is it a good day? Still quite raw from yesterday [thanks for all your lovely helpful comments  -  so appreciated.]

Small steps eh. Whats your favourite sober stuff?

I do waffle on, so thank you for getting this far! If you've something kind or helpful to add or just want to say hello. Please drop a line below. I'd appreciate that. Thank you.


  1. Hi Daisy
    I had a hard time with treats as well.(I am doing the challenge also). I discovered that when I first started thinking of treats, a deer with a nice rack came to visit in the back yard. First one I've ever seen in the 16 years we've live at this house. Then the next day the dog started barking like crazy, and there was a black bear getting at my birdfeeder. I declared each one a treat for the day. ha. I also enjoy chai latte, chocolate, lotion for my dry legs ugh, and a play date with my granddaughter.
    I chopped split and stacked wood yesterday as well. It felt good, so I guess I am a strange creature Too!. Congrats on Day 44. I'm at 28:)


    1. Hey KT - nice to see you! I'm thinking the same, I guess some wee things might be nice, I guess its about permission to enjoy the little things but also to appreciate what's around us. Congrats on day 29! I guess its that now. Well done you.

  2. Hey Daisy Treats for me? Big bath, lots of bubbles and candles, chocolate, nice AF drinks, facemask, deep hair conditioner, trip to the beauticians for a nice massage, trip to the cinema, herbal teas, cake, downloaded recovery films, jewellery, new clothes, meeting sober friends for tea and cake. These are all things I've used to reward myself other than booze! 44 days woot woot! xx

    1. You know Lucy something odd happened today. I was getting ready to go out to my first session and I thought 'need a bath' and then I thought. Pah, I'm not just 'giving' my sober bath away. That's my time. How odd so a dight (wash) it was instead. All the rest of those sound good too. Woot Woot indeed you must be nearly at or passed 400? x

  3. Hi daisy
    My treats are graham crackers smothered in butter, cheesecake, hot bubble baths, yoga, a little shopping and reading. I try to be open with my family when I am feeling overwhelmed. They give me a break. In fact, they usually notice I need it before I do!
    I think some decadent store bought flowers would be a perfect choice.


    1. I've just googled graham crackers, they use to be used for 'carnal urges' but they sound nice! Today for my sober treat i went and had lunch by myself after a session. Then I walked on the beach. All good. I spotted the lilies I love yesterday, so I will get them tomorrow. Thanks for popping by

  4. Hi Daisy. you are doing SOO SOO WELL. keep at it. omg, the icecream! it was and still is a life saver. also, massage, facial, clothes shopping, cake and heaps of lollies. yahoo. day 44
    hugs from NZ

    1. Lollies and ice-cream. Well wouldn't those be nice. I'm loving my milkshakes still. Sounds like the little treats and lovely things make you happy too!

      Thanks for popping by.

  5. Two people today recommended your blog to me and I can see why. Lovely to read you. I'm not good at remembering sober treats so thanks for reminding me here. Hug from Bea x

    1. Hey there Bea lovely to meet you too. Its nice that you've found me, I've just found you. Sober treats girl go gettam.