Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Day 46 - Why do I need an excuse for not drinking?

Hey how are you all this fine evening?

Warning, sober mini rant alert. [edited out - it just got boring in my head, its out know].

My friend today is working out excuses for me not drinking at the moment (again). Its really kind of her, but she was tying herself up in knots trying to fathom out a 'plan for me not drinking'. She's now on a mission. Its ALL we talk about. Xmas coming up, her coming to stay and what we (we) will tell people about my not drinking.

Her funniest one is we'll just pretend you're drinking, no one needs to know.

No, really I'm fine with 'I'm not drinking right now'.

Its no one else's business.

End of moaned out edit.



  1. I hear you. Belle has a great podcast about this. I can't put my finger on the title of it, but I'm sure she can help you find it. It's loaded with ideas of how to handle what to tell people without saying a whole lot about your journey. You can do this:) Hugs KT

  2. Thanks KT I'll either try and find it or ask Belle via email. x