Monday, 3 November 2014

Day 30 - A few sober things to remember

So one month in to the sober adventure, and what have we learned aside being angry.

1 - I found sober friends, who understand. I can't thank you enough to know I'm not alone.
2 - My head is clear, it might be a bit out of sorts but its clear.
3 - I'm participating in my own life more, in small ways.
4 - I sleep much much better once we get to sleep. Might need to invest in anti-husband-snoring earplugs, who knew he was so noisy! I've always fallen asleep drunk.
5 - I may be grumpy and overwhelmed but I'm happier even if its just a spark of happy in a big puddle of meh...... I'll get there.
6 - I'm taking care of me and eating breakfast and better food.
7 - I'm less paranoid. [who said I wasn't......:D]
8 - I like me more, I'm just not good with RL friends and family at the mo. But that's probably more about me than them.
9 - I need a virtual sober toolkit, maybe like a big purple sober suit, with a sober floatation device like a rubber ring and some big oven gloves to stop me opening wine sometimes so I can laugh at myself. I need a real toolkit too with snacks and good distraction techniques in it. Maybe I also need a sober cape, how cool would that be, whatever works.
10- I need to know that each day I'm here, it will get better. Other bloggers and sober online friends tell me it will. I believe them, as I'm not as unique and broken as I once thought I was.

I do waffle on, so thank you for getting this far! If you've something kind or helpful to add or just want to say hello. Please drop a line below. I'd appreciate that. Thank you.


  1. Sober parade being thrown in your honour further south of our green and pleasant isle :) 30 days is awesome Daisy!! Well done xx

    1. I am honoured to have such a parade! Thank you Lucy your support has been epic, you're just so kind. xx

  2. 30 days is amazing and brilliant. You are amazing and brilliant! Annie x

    1. Annie you're fabulous too, I hope that yesterday was easier for you. Hugest of hugs and thank you for helping me to get this far, its inspiring to read your blog. Hugs!

  3. Wonderful! You rock!

    On the top of your list put
    I am worth it. Even if it means you say no to invitations, you let ohpthers do their share of the work, you hide in the bath.

    You are doing great. Woo hoo!

    1. Hiding in the bath seems to be my default at the moment and I never drank wine there, yuk! So its a safe place. thank you Anne for your lovely help and support, I genuinely don't think I could have been so open and honest and sober without your help and your lovely blog. Sober bloggers of the world, you all rock.

      I'm worth staying sober for, seems so insane I drank so much before, but I know this is fragile and each day needs nurturing.

      Hugest of hugs.