Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Day 67 - The morning after.

Funny how you notice the 'sober stuff'' more these days isn't it? This was a share on my facebook page today from a local restaurant's page. As its a restaurant in Scotland I'm wondering if they've got this for our new drink drive legislation. However, its a handy guide.

My first thoughts weren't...........

Well, as I'm not drinking at the moment, it doesn't matter for me.

My first thoughts were..............

I'd normally have anywhere between 3-5 large glasses of wine a night. So I'd not be able to drive the next day unless I started drinking at............(cue fingers, toes, tongue out and some backwards sums to figure this out)

Well say I drank a bottle and a bit of wine, 4 large glasses. 14 hours to get out of my system.

I'd need to stop drinking at 6pm to start driving at 8am so I'd probably have to neck (sorry I meant, unwind) drink wine quickly to get what I needed and be safe the next day. And yes I'm good at that.

You see my brain doesn't use this handy chart to know I'm safe. Its uses it to see what time I'd have to stop at and therefore when I'd need  to start drinking each day to get what I needed.

Clearly I don't have a 'normal' drinking brain.

I remind myself that for now, I don't drink, I've stopped for a bit and for me that's easier than doing backwards, units v's driving time sums every night.

I hadn't realised until this week that a driving conviction in the UK stays on your record for TWENTY YEARS.

My next thought was......

I'm so lucky I've stopped and I stopped before I was caught in my car the next morning.

I do waffle on, so thank you for getting this far! If you've something kind or helpful to add or just want to say hello. Please drop a line below. I'd appreciate that. Thank you.


  1. That's a nifty chart ;-) . 20 years on your driving record! I never really drove after drinking, was always scared to, but there were many, many mornings, that I did not need to be behind the wheel, still drunk from the night before. I was very lucky I never got caught, or caused harm to someone else. We don't have to worry about that now, do we? Lori K. xx

    1. Our local restuarants facebook page posted it. Mornings I think I'd be goosed if I was still doing my old habits. Nothing to worry about now, that's for sure and another reason to stop! xx

  2. Daisy I'm purloining that chart and I may have to use it in a blog post too as it's so good (citing you as reference of course! ;) Yep my thinking would have been the same - better where we are lovely xx

    1. I got it from our local FB page of our restuarant, we are def better without it.


      :) xx