Friday, 26 December 2014

Day 84 boxing day

Finally made it to the bathroom and got some sober time! Yay.

Sober day today bit a bit squabbly and full of extra visitors. Aside the squabbles not bad.

Miss my kids but that's normal.

Tired and an early night. Folks asked to stay an extra day. 

Had a bit if a hankering for wine to guzzle tonight but as my visitors are the hard core kind that count the wine in for themselves, there's no extra around. So firstly there never would have been enough, secondly I'm 85 days tomorrow and thirdly it would be back to square one. Big style.

One thing I can say hand on heart is my need to get minced isn't about moderation. It's about getting rat arsed and dealing with stress.

My mother turned up today, by brother wanted to visit and she was the only way to get him here. She stayed for 1/2 hour enough time for tea and for a quick exit. No chat about anything aside the traffic, she just doesn't do people especially daughters. 

I will confess I needed a Valium (low dose prescribed) to get through that one. But beats downing a vat of vodka. So brother stayed unexpectedly but he's easy. 

Later, Sober relaxing bath did the trick once she'd gone Bubble magic.

Half way through visitors, my tolerance for bullshit is zero. My tolerance for hangover management is also zero. What a waste of a holiday for these folks.

I asked my husband if he often felt like this over holidays with visitors and my drinking with them until stupid o clock.  Any excuse to get bladdered.

Yes. He hated it. Poor man.

At least we are on the same team now.

Hugs folks definitely a two person escape for sober Xmas next year!!

I cannae wait until Hogmanay (new year) next week. When it's new visitors, but like revolving beds here.

New Years resolution?  

A Sober House?

(Ps having probs with blog comments, bear with me please) x


  1. You're doing brilliantly! And the valuable learning curve is seeing how really hard the family stuff is on top of the drunken visitors -- I only realised when I sobered up why even the thought of my mother was enough to send me rushing for the bottle.

  2. Daisy, I hope you are staying strong during this trying time! You are truly a sober warrior. Lori K xx

    1. Spber warrior me? I feel so weak but I'm in the flanks holding on. Xx ta

  3. Hi Daisy. Hope you're ok. I'm on my new day 2 so I am looking forward to following your journey. I've enjoyed all your posts
    Best wishes