Monday, 15 December 2014

Day 72 - sober carbon footprint

'Experts estimate that a 750ml bottle of wine at 190g CO2 per glass equates roughly to the carbon emissions released by a three-mile car journey.' So says the Guardian please remember other calculations are available, some equate it to a five mile car journey.

Here's when I get my fingers and toes out to work out 72 days sober average 1 bottle wine a night (conservative), equivalent to saving carbon 1984 miles or 82,080 g  or 82 kg CO

So I could have driven nearly 2000 miles instead of drink wine and be in the same place carbon wise but think of the adventures........

I've saved the equivalent green house gas emissions of 0.29 tonnes of landfill. Crikey

Or if I'd planted 21 wee trees I'd have saved the same amount of carbon in ten years.

So by NOT drinking I'm officially greener than when I started. I'm always keen to see interesting ways in which behaviour change effects things like carbon, cos, well, I'm weird like that. [I'm a secret scientist, which is a bit like secret santa, but not nearly so cool.]

So NOT drinking is helping me and our planet. Goes off to shine green tree huggers badge.

Hug yourself and a tree, being sober really does save the planet.
That's made me smile today. Then again I've always been a tree hugger.

PS Thank you for all your kind comments yesterday. For me this is a huge journey and sharing my feelings even the darker ones is essential for me to learn to move past the wine. Lucy recommended I looked to the serenity prayer and I did and I found comfort in it. So thank you all, without expression, I'd be drowning myself in an endless vat of despair called merlot.


  1. whaaa..... missing your posts?! sorry haven't seen yours for ages...

    have caught up now...

    love the serenity prayer too but if there isn't even time for that then I love Mr Sponsorpants' version, too: "Whatever, Boss."

    mantras round here need to be short and snappy. because I am ;)

    have a great big hug and a mince pie. I have plenty of both! xxx

    1. Absolutely loved that thank you!!!!!

      And pretty short here too.

      As for the mince pie, thanks lovely but I'm allergic, so pass me a bread roll instead :) x

  2. This is great and something I had not thought about. I'm all for saving the planet though! Another great reason to be sober!

    1. I'm carbon obsessed, some of my work is run by things like that. You're right, save the planet and don't drink. Peace and love dude x

  3. Really like this @Daisy, sometimes you miss the fact that just recycling the bottles isn't nearly as good for the planet as never buying them in the first place. Hoping you are a bit better today, was offline rocking Grandbaby yesterday and just catching up today. Sending good words above that you will be smiling bright again soon. Love and light.

    1. Ah yes the mantra starts with Reduce doesn't it. Its the first part of the waste heirarchy. Offline rocking the grandbaby sounds blissful!

      I promise I'm smiling a wee bit now lovely thank you.

      Love and light to you and yours too.

  4. I love this Daisy! Something I just don't think about but MrHOF does so he'll love this too :) You're welcome re the serenity prayer (AA wisdom not mine) but I like mrsponsorpants version shared by Prim up above too ;) xx

    1. Loved both versions. Thanks Lucy. Acceptance was something we talked about lots today at our meeting. It was really helpful.

      As I said above I'm carbon obsessed. If Mr HOF is there are a few good stocking filler books he'd love!

      Hugs x