Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Day 66 - Silence-o-clock

So I found myself accidentally 3/4 of the way up the wine aisle today at wine-o-clock after a long day driving and conference.  In my defence I was enroute for mutt food and took the short cut.

Surrounded by wine bottles, all silent. This is unusual. Normally the wine aisle sings, rants, bellows, shouts, jeers, claps, throws a noisy parade. But not today. Today it was totally silent.

It was nice. 

Just saying.

It was as silent as a meeting of introverts anonymous might be, as an introvert I can appreciate how quiet I would like that to be. 

Like the wine aisle today, I hope this new thing stays.

Silent wine. Who knew. I even checked if I was wearing these

But no. My ears were undefended. Silent wine.

PS Now I realise Wolfie is cunning and is hiding near, silent and sulky. But for today, I'm grateful for silent wine and silent Wolfie.


  1. Daisy, you are a sassy, funny and wise woman. Wine is a puncey blip compared with your stable of wares. Wolfie is one of those little fluffy yappy dogs who we all would secretly like to kick across the yard (no offence to animal lovers - we have three cats and a Hound so we're not haters). Embrace the silence: what a bloody relief! I look forward to my own karate chop move against the yapper. HIYA!

    1. You do make me giggle, my dogs are hiding under the table, although not fluffy or yappy they are hiding!! I feel link Hong Kong phuey.

  2. http://www.stopfryingyourbrain.com/why-is-alcohol-in-supermarkets-thats-crazy/

    Hi, well done you, that is awesome news. knew you could do it. this reminds me of a telly interview by Mrs D I watched. in it she said she didn't even notice wine in the supermarket anymore. I remember thinking, how could this ever be possible. well well well. go us. I wrote a piece on supermarkets the other day (link above)
    hugs from nz

    1. Hey there thanks for the link above!! Really enjoyed it!

  3. Ah you've passed the magical 60 day mark :) Wolfie is retreating but will continue to lurk for a bit longer xx

    1. Oh I feel like I should get a pair of headphones or something. I think wolfie is a PITA.

      :) x

  4. I was avoiding the wine aisles, jut in case I gave in. Now I'm forgetting where they are. It's weird but true. :-)
    I still see the internet "offers" though. Introverts like me do go in for internet shopping............... I might need to change that/

    1. Hey there Do I've never been much of an internet shopper, but very true. I'm glad you've forgotten where the wine aisles are!! :) xx