Monday, 27 October 2014

Day 22 - I lost the dog

So I wake up on Sunday, to a clattering noise, like banging that use to be in my head. Thankfully despite the wine flowing here last night (of which I touched none, I left that to my guests), it was only the garden gate and the shed doors going crazy in the autumn gales. Having nipped out to do the chooks in PJ's, I hauled one shed door shut, then managed to close the gate after I'd done my chores and I lost the dog. 

No amount of self beration could help this Sunday. I simply lost the dog, calling myself all kinds of stupid. That'll teach you to drink shouted the wolf  (my inner stupid voice) you stupid girl.

Erm, I'm not hungover Wolf, I did not drink, and I have no power over shed doors and gates in gales dear Wolf. So you can't be right about me being stupid because I drank, as I did not drink yesterday.

Mad scabble for clothes (no one really needs to see my in my fluffy dog pjs) and mad calling of the dog. 

Turns out the pesky mutt ran into the shed in search of chicken grub, I locked him in. In itself not a big deal, but up and dressed we headed out for a really early walk. 

So here I am at gone 8am dressed, with husband and bounding up to the local nature reserve.

I'm clearly feeling the better for no hangovers. Although I've been getting bad headaches.

My friend drank all weekend, discreetly but as she left me the recycling, I know how much.

You know what struck me, after 12 units she seemed so 'normal' just a happier version of herself. 

That was weird. My husband is still a bit perplexed/bemused at my not drinking. 'You never got fall down drunk'. 

Nope just slumped on the sofa drunk. 

Her drinking upset me a bit, not that it will affect our friendship, but she kept 'pushing' her 14 year old daughter on me the next morning to 'do things with'. So she could have some quiet time. The selfish part of me was shouting 'what about my quiet time, I didn't get any last night either remember I didn't drink, so I need some quiet time now, I need me time?'  - but I made pancakes with her girl and we had a giggle. My selfishness abated quietly, I'm lucky to be asked to help I told myself.

If I'm totally honest, I can't say I'm looking forward to spending Xmas with them all. But, I know I've got to sort this out because we're great friends who drink. But, we're great friends.

Next weekend we've a houseful again. I'm dreading that too as its husbands rellies on a visit and his Mum is staying too. Its not going to be an easy household, I get stressed around them all. And, there's normally wine. But, next weekend we've told the visitors, no booze please, we're cutting down.

Our house is often a busy one, so I need to work out how to be around so many folks, in our joint space and not open a bottle and slump back into my old habits. Any ideas aside wiring my jaws shut or locking all the doors.

I do waffle on, so thank you for getting this far! If you've something kind or helpful to add or just want to say hello. Please drop a line below. I'd appreciate that. Thank you.


  1. Hello Daisy. Day 22 is so good! You're an inspiration. Keep on keeping on - does that make sense?? Annie x

  2. Daisy I'm confused - you mention wine flowing and wolfie berating you for drinking, but then no hangover and day 22 so blogger of small brain cannot compute!?

    1. Ah Lucy sorry the wine was flowing in the house, wolfie telling me I should be drinking but I didn't drink. I've dyslexia, so I'll re-read and amend, sorry for the confusion!! x

    2. Amended sorry it read badly, no wine for me although the house was overflowing with wine for my guest. Hope that clears it up.

      As I was thinking about drinking right now, you've stopped me being stupid too, as I'm nearly at day 24, so thank you :)